diverCity book x GF Smith <3

This book was a part of my display during the Degree Show in June 2017. It’s a condensed version of my project identifying the target audience, main insights, the design proposal and theoretical background. It’s been laser printed and bound with metal wire size 12. The size of the book is 260x220mm and contains square-ish inserts allowing its readers to engage in as well as skip through certain parts.

The book was printed entirely on a GF Smith stock. The cover is a Peregrine Majestic Real Silver with a shimmer, linking to the reflective surface of the dome. I also used three shades of Colorplan, Real Grey, Candy Pink and Bright White, reflecting the colour palette of diverCity. The rest of the book (including the images) was printed on Phoenixmotion Xenon – beautiful coated matt sheets, really bringing out the colours and details.

I love working with GF Smith – they’re quick (24 hr delivery), very responsive and very generous when it comes to giving away their sample book, which is probably one of my favourite things in my studio right now.