English Seaside in Winter

Sometimes you just feel like you need to go to the seaside, walk along the beach, listen to the sound of waves to simply relax. In my head seaside is the epitome of relaxation (just after mountain walks/hikes, but that’s because I’m a mountain girl, born and bred), and it’s under 2hr drive from home.


A trip to Dover was a spontaneous decision I made on Friday afternoon after my best friend texted me “do you want to go on a trip tomorrow?” –  “Of course” I said “Seaside?”. We took a train to Dover on Saturday morning, arrived all excited about the adventure, managed to get lost while looking for the cliffs (it’s not a complaint, it’s just a mere attempt to highlight the adventurousness), had some great fish and chips and of course took a lot of photos.


The second town – Southwold – was recommended to me by my colleague. It’s a town in Suffolk on the North Sea famous for its pier, colourful beach huts, poshy residents (the town is sometimes referred to as Notting-Hill-on-Sea…I highly recommend reading this piece) and Adnams brewery and distillery. Interestingly enough, Adnams being Southwold’s biggest single employer pretty much owns the town (almost like Cadbury’s Bournville) – each pub, bar or restaurant sells Adnams’ products which include beers, wines, mineral water, spirits etc and every other building belongs to the distillery. But I have to say the town’s got its charm, it’s peaceful and the beaches are sandy, which is what I needed – see below.


In the next couple of weeks I should be able to share a project or two I’ve been working on for some time now. Stay tuned.