From 2017 into 2018

I spent my Christmas break in Poland with occasional trips to nearby Czechia and Germany and I managed to spend it rather actively– walking, snowboarding, visiting places that do not exist anymore, places that are close to my heart and everything in between. Below you can scroll through a summary (with an emphasis on nature and architecture) of things I’ve seen and stopped (or tried to stop) to admire even for a second (all photos taken with a phone).

I stepped into the new year without any resolutions (one of those practices I strongly refuse to commit to – others being Valentine’s Day and Halloween etc), but I know 2018 will bring me a lot of reading (recently that’s how I’ve been spending most of my weekends, travel – apart from essential visits to Poland and Italy I’ll be going to China again in February and to many more different places which are still to be confirmed, and great food+wine (that’s given). I believe the combination of these three ingredients is a perfect recipe for the next 365 days (minus 14), anything else is just extra.

Happy New Year everyone!


Above Copenhagen

The slopes in Poland

Polish countryside sunsets

A road to Czechia

Harrachov, Czechia – famous for its ski flying hills

An example of Lower Silesian architecture, Poland

Bautzen, Germany

Bautzen, Germany

Golden hour in Bautzen, Germany

Hansel and Gretel houses in Wroclaw, Poland

One of over 350 dwarfs in Wroclaw, each commemorating an important event, campaign, movement or a person

Old Town in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw by night

Miedzianka – a town that disappeared. A great and sad story of a little town in Lower Silesia that collapsed as a consequence of years of mining and neglect. You can read more about it here

Another sunset above Jelenia Gora – my hometown

There it is – 2018 – on the mountain top

Harrachov, Czechia

A town of Harrachov, Czechia

Harrachov, Czechia

On the way back to London town, checking in Copenhagen