Lisboa 2018

Slightly overdue, but the last few months were so hectic I barely had time to update my Adobe apps let alone the blog. It all started with Why the World Needs Anthropologists conference (more about it next time) held in Lisbon in October earlier this year. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t take that opportunity to extend the trip and to turn it into a 4 day long city break and to return to the place I visited as a 13 year-old child. To my disappointment I couldn’t remember a thing… even when prompted by the photos sent by my parents in attempt to refresh my memory… Nope, it did not work. And I was left to rely on Google.

We stayed at a lovely Airbnb in the oldest part (the actual castle!!) of town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean – I don’t have to mention that the weather was wonderful, slightly cold, but sunny, which means the light was just perfect to take a few atmospheric shots. For the first time I made an executive decision not to take my standard, very versatile and more importantly highly reliable 18–135mm Canon lens. Instead, I packed a 50mm prime lens which requires putting a little bit more effort into finding that perfect frame in an urban setting. On the other hand the lens is tiny and light – a 1/3 of the weight of the 18-135mm. At home I use it primarily for product photography, however taking it with me to capture movement and architecture was a risky move – but as it turned out it was totally worth it. Can’t wait to take it with me again and in the meantime enjoy the shots below.