The London Festival of Architecture 2017

I’m very happy to announce that my Master’s project has been selected to be showcased during the London Festival of Architecture in June 2017. The project I’ve been working on is called diverCity and is a new kind of matchmaking service available to Londoners. While it appears to invite its clients to match their diverse beliefs, needs, wants and expectations of their dream neighbourhood, in reality it exposes the homogeneous world of idealised and standardised architectural visualisations.

The Matchmaking will take place on 3rd June (TBC) during Festival under the West Handyside Canopy in Granary Square. The experience targets practising and future architects, who are in a position to challenge and oppose the generification of London’s cityscape through their practice.

diverCity aims to critically comment on how the generic architectural visualisations contribute to the propagation of a homogenised, conformist lifestyle and meaning of success that is not necessarily shared by their audience.

Here are some work in progress shots and hopefully quite soon I’ll be able to share some more documentation of the making of!