Domus Grappa Nebbiolo da Barolo

Domus Grappa Nebbiolo da Barolo is the newest addition to the Domus family. Whereas the first expression took its name from the colour of the liquid, the name for the new Domus was inspired by the process of maturing a white spirit. In order to achieve a beautiful golden brown colour, the raw liquid needs to spend 18 months in French oak barrels, hence the grappa is called Tempo which means time.

The label of the Nebbiolo da Barolo is black to highlight how different it is from the first Domus Bianca (white). The illustration of a highly dignified badger is strongly linked to a personal story of the brand owner, which one day he might want to reveal. The badger aka quality control officer is looking at its pocket watch, making sure enough time has passed and the grappa is ready to be served.

While working on this project we took an opportunity to refresh and tweak the logo. The outline became bolder and solid to make sure the name is easily recognisable from the distance.

Using black as a theme enabled a very classy unveiling of the product through various imagery and a 30 second ad shot entirely on a Canon DSLR and post-edited in iMovie and FinalCut Pro.

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