Prey or Pray

For the last couple of months I’d been working with my team on a pitch for the British Museum. The brief was to display and engage the public in object in focus exhibition in Room 3 at the BM. The object in focus was a 4m long unwrapped mummified crocodile. Long story short, the crocodiles in Ancient Egypt were considered holy due to their vicious reputation and links to the Nile. Sobek (the crocodile god) was a symbol of pharaonic power and fertility. Therefore the crocs were often purposely farmed and killed and displayed as votive offerings.
Hence we came up with a Prey or Pray title for the exhibition. Here are some work in progress shots showing the journey from sketches to final product. The logo was laser cut in a mirror acrylic as reminder for the visitors to reflect on the past and future of the species.
I hope you enjoy it!