ri Studio

ri Studio is a global research and ideation agency specialising in cross-border ethnographic research and I was approached to design its logo and business cards. The inspiration behind the design comes from a few sources. The circle represents the sun, as ri in Chinese means day and sun. And why did I choose to go for a Chinese meaning of the word? Because the founder of the studio is ethnically Chinese and she really liked the coincidental meaning behind the name. The circle also stands for the circular, iterative process that’s one of the principles my client’s studio is proud to follow. 


The choice of the font – Argö – was solely led by the intricate ligature (slightly edited for the project purpose, you can find the typeface here). The combination of r and i aims to signify a human connection in an ethnographic research process as well as research’s and ideation’s continuous and inseparable relationship.


The choice of the paper stock was led by its earthy resemblance signifying the unedited ethnographic research process and being ready to get your hands dirty. You can find the paper at GFSmith under Gmund Bier Pils (250gsm).


Scroll down to also see the initial sketches of the logo and digital iterations.