Risoprint Workshop with Hato Press

As a part of my professional development plan, I joined Hato Press for the risograph workshop in their studio in Hackney. Risograph was created at the same time as Xerox, but it provides more eco-friendly and cost effective printing. The inks are soya based and the whole process is very much similar to the well-known screen-printing. Of course it’s more time efficient, because the image is burnt onto a master, which is then wrapped around the drum allowing for an infinite number of prints (just by pressing one button). The printer I used allows for a maximum of two-colour printing in one go. There are over 20 colours of ink available, which are made entirely in Japan.

It’s definitely a great alternative for the hot-headed people like myself, who expect to see their results in no time 😉 I’m genuinely looking forward to working with Hato on my next project. But for now, have a look at some of the shots from the workshop.