Screaming Viking

In the summer I was working with a famous bartender – Brian Silva – to develop a new logo for his personal brand. As the author of books and signature cocktails he needed a symbol that would stand out – as much as the actual name pops out: Screaming Viking. I came up with two Art Deco inspired designs and one completely different, to some extent gimmicky but embracing the humour and lightheartedness. Below you can see a few ‘work in progress’ sketches, both analog and digital (I always start with a pencil and a piece of paper, otherwise I’m not able to capture the racing thoughts that cross my mind while I’m iterating).


Idea 1 takes its inspiration from the letter V that can be read as a cocktail glass. It’s very simple but powerful, and can work very well in both small and large scale.


Idea 2 is more playful and bold. It’s inspired by the screaming viking rather than the bar/cocktails. It’s more decorative/illustrative than the first logo but is still very memorable. It’s like e.g. the Monkey Shoulder whiskey – the name and logo are not related to the spirit, but it sounds good and is catchy.


Idea 3 is a stylised wordmark resembling the first Idea and inspired by the highly decorative and exquisite Art Deco tiles and mosaics. I’m personally very fond Argö (you can buy it here) – a  beautifully designed typeface inspired by both Arts Décoratifs and Medieval script.


// Aga