Destination Yamamay / Milan

Competition Winner

The Italian lingerie brand Yamamay launched a competition to create a new airport concept store design. The brief was to develop a new customer experience by rethinking the furniture design, product display and graphic design. The winning concept Destination Yamamay was inspired by the location, the airport and aspirations associated with air travel. The round shape of a vintage travel bag acts as a metaphor distinguishing the experience of exceptional travel from everyday life. The round shape is reiterated throughout the store in the furniture design, layout and entrance.

A series of modular drawers and tables are designed as flexible storage to accommodate multiple configurations, providing ample space that can be scaled to fit both the small and the large shops. The attention to detail is evident in the pieces of lace from different countries, which adorn the furniture, creating a romantic and intricate backdrop for the products.

The design is now in the process for being adapted to Yamamay airport stores worldwide.


Kleanthis Kyriakou, Adrian Masola, Papawee Sathawarawong, Xin (Michael) Zhang